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5 Things To Do During Your Morning Routine So It Wont Suck

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

I’m not a morning person. I wish the day started at 10. That’s when I’m ready. However Im up at the butt crack of dawn. On the weekends I wake up early and sleep in. I work morning shifts so I can enjoy the rest of my day. It’s a rough life I live. How do I do it? I’ll tell you

  • Get Up -When your alarm goes off  DO NOT hit snooze! GET CHO BUTT UP

  • Stretch -As soon as you open your eyes give yourself a good stretch. Wake your body up & get your blood flowing.

  • Eat –Breakfast is essential.  I didn’t know how important breakfast was until I made it my routine then stopped. Your brain pretty much controls your body. Breakfast feeds your noggin!

  • Music -On your commute or before you leave, TURN UP! I listen to Solange & Migos. I’m like a Black Girl Magic Ambassador mixed with a trap queen, if there were such a thing.

  • Re Route– Take a different route to work, even if you have to leave a few minutes early. Sometimes you need a change of scenery

I believe in making the days amazing on purpose. Remember my post How To Have A Productive Week On Purpose yea I’m serious about it. So why not switch up your morning routine and make the day just a tiny bit better. What things are apart of your morning routine?


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