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5 Apps That Make my life easier

I bet your phone is in your hand right now! If it isn't, it's pretty close. Our phones are almost an extension of our arms. They're always in reach. It should make sense for it to make our daily lives easier and not just for stalking celebrities on social media. There's a ton of apps that can help with organization, weight loss, and stalking on social media. Here are a few of the apps I use almost daily to make my life easier.


OH EM GEE!! I love this app. Digit is a money-saving app that makes saving money easier than ever. It saves money and I legit don't even know it's happening. I don't remember exactly how I found this app but I'm forever grateful. With digit, you can set goals for big purchases or randomly save for a rainy day.

Open Table

I travel and eat ... a lot. Those are two of my most favorite things. With Open Table, I sure the absolute best reservation anywhere. One of my coworkers told me about this app and with covid 19 still running the streets, you need a reservation almost everywhere. A few weeks back I was literally praying for a reservation at Chicago Jojos Shake Shack. For some reason, I need to change my reservation and the next available was too late. Open Table must've sensed my sadness because when there was a cancellation I received a notification so I could jump in and claim the spot rightfully mine. When we made it to the restaurant, we headed straight to the front of the line taking the cancellation spot. There was a woman in line trying to sweet-talk her way into a table, I kinda showed her Open Table and asked her to step aside. My table was waiting. LOL


If you have any presence on social media this app is a gawd send! PERIOD!!! I make almost everything I use for my brand with Canva. There are so many templates, stock photos, and well everything!! Seriously everything. My advice, download it. NOW!


Another app sent from the divine!! Guys as long as I put things into this app without a down they get done. Todoist is a great organizational tool. The notification reminders keep you on task when checking things off the to-do list. I get overwhelmed and forgetful (hence the need for Todoist) but with a little help, it keeps me on target to reach my goals!!

Lose It

During the beginning of my "lifestyle change," I was extremely overwhelmed. There was just so much to track. Lose it definitely came in handy when it came to tracking food and water intake and even my exercises. It's very user-friendly and syncable (is that a word) with your apple watch. Once I was connected it automatically tracked the thing important to my lifestyle change. Another must-have app.

Do you have or are you planning to give any of my favs a try? Which apps have you downloaded that you can't live without?

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