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4 Things you better not do in 2019

You can own this year if you want to, you know that right? We both can. The only thing is you have to do switch up from the same ole routine. I learned that a painful way and I'm wanting you to avoid the pain.

Keeping Toxic Company

Protect your energy at all cost. If someone is toxic, family friend or whoever, leave em in the dust. After that don't look back.

Spend Every Dime

You're an adult, so adult. Now are the times to save for a rainy day, day trip or a little splurge.

Stay Home

Nah baby, we aren't being couch potatoes this year. Its not sexy. Theres an entire world out there waiting to be explored. Log out of Facebook and into real life. Experience some things.

Keep Wishing

Do it! Whatever the"it" is this is your year to start that business, replace the job you hate, or book that flight! Stop dreaming and start doing.

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