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3 of My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Since I discovered Amazon Prime I haven’t stopped using it. Online shopping is addictive as it is, but Primes best feature is the free 2 day shipping. So I never have to leave my bed and I get my stuff in 2 days! You had me at free shipping. Whats not to love! I wanted to share with you guys 3 of my favorite things purchased from Amazon Prime!

I’ve recently discovered this deep love for makeup. While I am definitely a frugal fashionista make up loving dies get expensive as heck! The makeup world absolutely swoons over all things Morphe! Once I hit the lottery so will I. Until this I found a sort of dupe to the famed Morphe 350 palette. This palette named Nature Glow is by Preup. It cost 14.99 and it’s eligible for amazon prime! I would definitely recommend this palette I actually will more than likely buy another one or two. I’m a review reader so of course I read em! People complained of their palettes being broken, not being pigmented enough or even the eyeshadow being stinky! Im here to tell the mine shipped perfect nothing broken and mine sure doesn’t smell. Start slaying and get your palette here

Of course I need tools. I love these brushes. Arent these the cutest? The My Sweetie Unicorn Makeup Brushes, are $12.99 and are eligeble for 2 day shipping! Sweet! The set of 10 brushes came with 2 silicone makeup applicators, and a bag. The order discription said a makeup brushed cleaner was included but I didnt get that. No biggie I ended up just making one check that out here! All in all the synthetic brushes are pretty dope! For the price! There so cute (did I mention that) and the handles are twisted like a unicorns horn. The bristles are very soft and theres very minimal shedding. I checked and the price actually went down get your tools right here

I love this brush set so soft and pretty

Since I’ve oily skin I need all the extra mattifiying extras I can get. This setting powder by Sacha does exactly that! I use this to finish off any makeup look. I use this powder in the shade Buttercup but it also comes in Buttercup Light. I bake, set my foundation, and to highight. I dont look ashy and shiny in my selfies, which makes this up there close to my holy grail favorites. The oil free shine reducing comes in a 1 ounce for $20 bucks on Amazon Prime. So being so shiny in your pics and get some Sacha here

The powder is so fine and soft! Notice the “baked” areas in picture 2 are the highlighted areas in picture 3


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