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11 Outfit Faux Pas That Make You Look a Hot Mess

We all have our pet peeves. I think I honestly have more than that average human. Maybe it’s because I love fashion. I mean we all make mistakes so I can totally understand, there’s rush of getting to work on time, getting the kids on the bus on time or where ever your headed to first thing in the morning. Some of the things that we rush through shouldnt be rushed I mean if we can help it. Sometimes missing just one belt loop can turn you from Hot to Hot Mess! Check out this list of some of the worst outfit mistake you can make!

  1. Leaving lint on animal fur on your clothes. I mean be for real it takes two seconds to go over your arms and legs with a lent roller

  2. Not ironing. Whatever.

  3. Too many accessories. The saying less is more is a real thing.

  4. Carrying a giant tote back everywhere. Wear when appropriate. It’s not appropriate to have a diaper bag on a date.

  5. Chipped nails. I’m guilty. We all are. It’s still tacky, either remove the polish or get a fresh paint job.

  6. Showing up with wet hair is a great way to say I don’t wanna be here.

  7. Wear whites while their white. Once their dingy they need to be thrown out.

  8. Another task that take two seconds, washing your face. Day old makeup screams lazy. Not to mention leaving your make up on can definitely cause breakouts.

  9. If you have long hair, its normal to carry a hair tie. Mid day might call for a ponytail. Be sure to tuck the hair tie in your purse because it’s not a bracelet.

  10. If you take the time to roll up your sleeves, take the time to do it right.

  11. Finally SHAPEWEAR!!! If you wear any body con or form-fitting dress and you know you are LaLa Vasquez, or Kim K please wear shape wear. This is by far the biggest faux pas I see. Should I make a post exclusively  for shape wear dos and don’ts?

What are some of your fashion pet peeves?


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